Developer Assist and Preconstruction Services

If you’re a developer who’s considering a major capital investment, PJ Dick is here to help you assess the potential and viability of your project. Our expert team can enhance your planning process for prospective developments by evaluating a site’s construction feasibility and return on investment.


Financial analysis for your project


Determine its costs




Investment viability

Our Developer Assist Services Are Comprehensive

We simplify the complexities of the construction process and provide you with a comprehensive and detailed review of your plans.

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Thorough Preparation

Our developer assist services cover the entire range of planning and analysis, including permits, scheduling, budgeting, personnel, materials, and more. We’re one of the country’s most experienced builders and one of the largest construction companies in the Mid-Atlantic area.

You can trust PJ Dick to make sure your development project is thoroughly prepared before construction begins. And with our ability to work fast and efficiently, you’ll enjoy a headstart on making a solid return on your investment.

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Save Time & Money with Developer Assist Services

The PJ Dick team maximizes your schedule and budget, providing your investors and stakeholders with an accurate overview of your project before any construction work begins. We’ll help you discover what’s possible, pinpoint potential obstacles, and create smart solutions for any size of development project.

When you hire PJ Dick to be your single resource for development management, project budgeting, and construction management, you’ll be able to save significant time because of our in-depth understanding of and experience with the development and construction processes.

Our expert developer assist services team gives you and your investors a big-picture view of the project, empowering everyone involved to make sound, productive decisions.