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Intelligent Solutions for Your Construction Project

There are many concerns when embarking on a construction project—none more important than safety. Beyond the physical risk to personnel and the general community, injuries on the job site can be costly in terms of liability, your company’s good name, the project’s budget and its completion date.

Drawing on our company-wide commitment, skilled professionals, and award-winning safety innovations, PJ Dick delivers intelligent safety solutions that have a positive impact on your construction project.

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Project Success Depends of Safety

PJ Dick believes a project is not completed successfully unless it is completed safely.

Our MY SAFETY program means you can trust PJ Dick to protect the well-being of your people, protect your good name, and complete your project cost effectively.


Our leaders integrate our safety values into everything they do, making our projects safer by always doing what is right. Our clients expect a safe, high-quality project, and we must deliver every time.

Our MY SAFETY program is structured around six key values that are critical to safety success.



always to safety excellence


employees so they make the right risk decisions


for evolving safety efforts


employees’ safe behavior so they stop at-risk behavior


By learning from mistakes


safety successes
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We believe in always doing the right thing first. That’s why the most important aspect of any effective safety program is a sincere commitment by top management. All PJ Dick safety professionals hold a B.S. or M.S. in safety.

Our proactive approach to safety is continually recognized by industry organizations such as the Associated General Contractors of America, the National Safety Council, and the Master Builders’ Association of Western Pennsylvania.

PJ Dick is actively involved in federal and state voluntary compliance programs on select projects. The goal of such partnerships is to encourage joint cooperation between OSHA, MOSH, PJ Dick, and trade contractors to foster a safe work environment for all project employees.

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A trained workforce is vital to minimizing accidents. PJ Dick provides all our employees with the training needed to properly and safely perform their jobs. Employees participate in the My Safety Leadership workshop, behavioral-based safety training that encourages discussion and resolution of real-life job scenarios.

Field operations leaders receive between 40 and 100 hours of safety training. Our superintendents and foremen complete the company Safety Leadership Course, OSHA Construction Safety Course, as well as training programs on topics such as fall protection, excavation safety, scaffolding, defensive driving, First Aid and CPR. Selected project engineers also receive specialized training. This training is designed to create safety advocates who are empowered to act safely and encourage the same behavior in their staff. The result is a team of employees that is knowledgeable, confident, and capable of managing safety at the project location.

MY SAFETY starts with a plan


Comprehensive Activity Hazard Analysis

Before each project begins, supervisors follow a comprehensive Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) to identify potential and existing hazards and eliminate them before the job commences. From that assessment they develop and communicate a site-specific Safety Plan and share all pertinent safety information with each site employee.

Daily Safety

Daily safety plans are provided to all site personnel at the start of each shift so all workers are informed and prepared for any potential or existing risk.

Weekly Safety

Weekly Safety Snapshots and Site Safety Checklists assist supervisors in recognizing, managing, and trending safe and unsafe behaviors on the work site.

Supervisor Meetings

Supervisors conduct weekly meetings to communicate all applicable safety information. Meeting details are documented and include all current employee signatures.
PJ Dick Workers Protecting Workings Badge and PJ Dick My Stop Work Authority Badge

MY SAFETY Empowers

PJ Dick leverages a significant investment in information technology. Safety resources are readily available on the companies’ intranet and provide our field workforce with immediate access to the information they need to make good risk decisions on the project in real time.

Each and every team member has the ability and responsibility to stop work whenever it appears safety is compromised.

Leaders encourage Stop Work Authority by:


Actively listening and ensuring our employees that their input is critical to a safe workplace.


Stopping work whenever needed to keep the team safe.


Communicating Stop Work actions.


Discussing corrective measures with all involved workers.

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While we strive to meet Goal Zero accidents by having the most comprehensive safety education, resources and support available, accidents may occur.

Project supervisors are trained to swiftly and smartly handle every accident event. They are trained to provide CPR and emergency First Aid. A Nurse Triage Help Line is at the ready to assess and determine the best course of action.

All accident data is gathered in a comprehensive record of injury and illness form that includes vital information on the root cause of the accident and potential corrective actions. The comprehensive incident report is shared and discussed with employees. These lessons learned help minimize similar events in the future.


It’s important that companies acknowledge and motivate a job well done. To encourage and recognize safety, PJ Dick has implemented several award and recognition programs for employees throughout our organization.


Safety Works! Award Program


Goal Zero Recognition Program


Star Safety Excellence Award


Recognizing Stop Work Award


Project-Specific Recognition

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Our goal is to blend safety and project operations into a single function. We believe that by making safety intuitive to all employees, we can solve safety problems without creating barriers to cost-effective project completion.