Our team at PJ Dick includes hundreds of carpenters, laborers, cement finishers, and operating engineers who maintain the highest standards in construction. We provide high-quality concrete installation, selective demolition, and rough carpentry for any project.

Advantages of Self-Perform Construction

Our team provides the cost estimating and detailed planning for each unique project, giving you distinct advantages in schedule, quality, and project execution.
Building under construction birds eye view of building site

Improved Schedule Control

Managing our own staff enables complete control over project schedules. We can assign the right team members to any project at any time. Since construction timelines are often tight and complex, self-perform gives PJ Dick the ability to keep your project moving with fewer delays and greater control over the timing of every task.

You get the benefit of maximum agility plus access to our company’s resources and oversight to verify the job is done correctly, on time, and on budget.

Higher Quality Workmanship

At PJ Dick, our greatest asset is our people — talented craftspersons who’ve been carefully screened and have proven records of performing high-quality work. Many of our supervisors have years of consistent employment as journeymen with first-hand experience in their specialized fields. With the right people and processes in place, PJ Dick achieves the finest craftsmanship possible.

Our Self-Perform Group’s checks and balances confirm that every pour or placement is correct. Concrete is an essential element in any construction project and deserves an immense amount of attention to quality. From the early stages of testing mixes to pouring the concrete to post-installation inspections, verification of quality concrete is imperative.

Types of Self-Perform Work

PJ Dick employs an experienced and diverse crew of full-time construction professionals who take pride in the quality of their work. With our team in place, we’re always ready to tackle a variety of self-perform jobs, including:






Rough Carpentry




Foundation Installation



The Foundry at 41st In Progress Exterior

The Foundry at 41st

PJ Dick’s self-perform team provided framing and concrete work for this modern apartment complex in Pittsburgh.

CMU Tepper Quadrangle In Progress Birds Eye View

CMU Tepper Quadrangle

Our self-perform crew worked on this unique project that used the “bubble deck” technology for constructing Carnegie Mellon University’s concrete slabs as well as cast-in-place walls, slab on grade, concrete cores, and supported slab.

3500 Forbes Avenue In Progress Exterior

3500 Forbes Avenue

Our self-perform group provided concrete for a 10-story, 403,562-square-foot mixed-use building in an urban location. The team utilized wall forms on tracks to build the three stair and elevator cores, increasing efficiency and saving time.