How to Choose the Best Design Build Firms Near Me

Aug 10, 2023 | 0 comments

If you’re planning a new building project, the most important decision you’ll make is selecting the right design build firm for your project. The construction company you choose will significantly impact the success of your project on every level, from the initial planning phase to the completion of construction.

Aside from doing a web search for “design build firms near me,” how do you go about choosing the right one for your next project? What exactly is a design build firm? Does it offer any advantages over alternative construction options? And what should be your next steps?

Understanding Design Build Firms

A design build firm is a company that offers both design and construction services under one contract. This approach provides an integrated delivery model that promotes collaboration, enhances efficiency, and reduces risks and overall costs.

Ultimately, design build is all about collaboration.

A design build firm assumes several roles and responsibilities. They are responsible for managing the entire project from start to finish, including planning, designing, budgeting, coordinating with subcontractors, obtaining permits, and overseeing construction.

The design build process usually involves five phases: 

• Project conception

• Design and pre-construction

• Procurement

• Construction

• Post-construction 

Throughout these phases, the design build team collaborates with the client to make sure that the design aligns with their vision while also meeting budget and schedule constraints.

Benefits of Hiring a Local Design Build Firm

Hiring a local design build firm has several distinct advantages. For one, they have extensive knowledge of local building codes and regulations, which confirms compliance and smooth approval processes. 

The right “design build firm near me” also maintains established relationships with local subcontractors and suppliers, which can expedite the project timeline and enhance the quality of work.

A local firm is more accessible and can quickly respond to any issues or changes that may arise during the project. Their familiarity with current conditions and trends can also provide valuable insights for your project.

Choosing the Best “Design Build Firm Near Me”

When choosing a design build firm near you, there are several factors you should consider:

Experience and Expertise

Look for a firm with extensive experience in your project type. Make sure they have the necessary technical expertise to handle all aspects of your project.

Past Projects and Client Testimonials

Review their portfolio of past projects to get an idea of their capabilities. Consider feedback from previous clients to gauge their level of satisfaction.

Financial Stability

A financially stable firm is less likely to run into issues that could delay your project or compromise its quality. You want to choose a design build firm that is well established in its community with a robust portfolio of successfully completed projects.

Knowledge of Local Regulations and Building Codes

The firm should be familiar with local building codes and regulations to avoid any compliance issues. They likely have working relationships with local building code officials who understand the firm’s processes and have established trust with each other.

Communication Skills and Customer Service

The firm should be able to communicate effectively and respond promptly to your queries or concerns. The best design firms near you do more than claim they offer great customer service; they have the experience and satisfied clients to prove it.

The Right “Design Build Firm Near Me” for Your Project

To find the best local design build firms near you, seriously consider taking the following steps:

Ask for Recommendations

Your industry peers may have worked with design build firms in the past and can provide valuable recommendations.

Attend Local Industry Events

These events often attract leading players in the industry, making them ideal places to network and find potential firms.

Use Online Resources

There are numerous online directories and resources where you can find listings for design build firms in your area.

Interviewing Potential Design Build Firms

Once you’ve shortlisted potential firms, it’s time to evaluate them further:

Initial Consultations

Schedule a consultation with each firm to discuss your project in detail. This will allow you to gauge their understanding of your project and their approach towards it.

Questions to Ask

Ask about their experience with similar projects, their team structure, their process for handling changes or issues, etc. When it comes to major construction projects like these, be confident in asking any question about anything you’re unsure about. The best design build firms should be happy and prepared to answer all your questions.


Obtain quotes from each firm and compare them carefully. However, don’t make your decision based solely on cost; quality, value, expertise, and trust should be primary considerations.

Choose PJ Dick as Your Design Build Firm

PJ Dick is one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s leading design build firms. As a member of the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA), we meet all the criteria mentioned above — extensive experience, technical expertise, financial stability, and excellent communication skills — making us the area’s number-one choice for your next project.

From research facilities and hospitals to residence halls and correctional facilities, PJ Dick has performed a very long list of high quality design build projects. We put an emphasis on collaboration, working together with our clients from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget. At PJ Dick, we believe in creating lasting partnerships with our clients through clear communication, transparency, and unwavering dedication to meeting their needs.

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